About Fleet Track GPS

State of the Art GPS Tracking Technology + Advanced Fleet Management Software

Located in southern California, FleetTrackGPS.com builds customized, affordable GPS tracking solutions that enable businesses and government services to efficiently and cost-effectively track and manage car and truck fleets, equipment, trailers and assets.

FleetTrackGPS.com Helps Fleet & Equipment Operations:

  • Increase team productivity
  • Protect vehicles, equipment and assets
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Much more!

GPS tracking product plans include premier fleet management offering cellular GPS tracking, as well as basic trailer, heavy equipment and asset GPS tracking. Every solution is customized to the needs of individual clients to provide web-based, fleet management software integrated with state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices, real-time monitoring and reporting, and cloud-based information management.

FleetTrackGPS.com’s Product Specialists are all in-house, and possess extensive knowledge and expertise about the company’s product lines as well as GPS technology in general.

The specialists work with each client individually to build fleet management and vehicle, asset and equipment tracking solutions that meet customers’ unique needs.

The results are integrated and comprehensive GPS tracking systems optimized to each customer’s fleet and asset management requirements and budget.

FleetTrackGPS.com’s dedicated, in-house Support Team helps clients from day one with set up and resources to help dispatchers and fleet managers make the best use of GPS tracking. Free training and unlimited, in-house technical support are offered for the lifetime of service plans.

FleetTrackGPS.com offers an industry leading guarantee on all products and services, also backed for the lifetime of service plans.

To Find out More, Complete the Solutions Request Form or call a FleetTrackGPS.com Solutions Specialist today at (905) 831-6444.

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