Driver Safety Standards Raises the Fleet Safety Standard

with Driver Safety Alerts & Reports
Keeping drivers safe on the road can contribute as much to the success of fleet operations as efficient scheduling and routing.‘s solution is designed to record key driving behaviors, providing alerts and time-log records of:

  • Seat Belt Usage
  • Acceleration Rates
  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Turns
  • Stop

Avoid Liability for Tickets & Accidents! Track & Take Action on Risky Driving Behaviors in Real-Time will send driver safety alerts to fleet managers, dispatchers and even drivers when risky behaviors occur that could put pedestrians, passengers and other drivers at risk or cause rollovers or collisions.

  • Seat Belt Alerts – triggered when a driver fails to fasten a seatbelt.
  • Rapid Acceleration Alerts – triggered when a driver accelerates a vehicle aggressively.
  • Posted Speed Alerts – triggered when a driver exceeds a legally posted speed limit.
  • Hard Braking Alerts – triggered when a driver rapidly decelerates a vehicle.
  • Hard Turn Alerts – triggered when a driver makes a rapid, sharp turn.
  • Sudden Stop Alerts – triggered when a vehicle is involved in an accident. additionally offers Continuous Driving and Total Drive Time Alerts, as well as an Instant Alert Keyring Device that drivers can use to notify dispatchers or managers of emergency situations.


Additional Benefits of Driver Safety Alerts and Reports:

Using‘s Driver Safety Alerts and Reports to mitigate driving habits saves fleet operations money by reducing the risk of accidents and ticketing for traffic violations. Fuel economy savings can also occur when drivers maintain safe speeds and avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking.

Working with drivers to improve behavior on the road also protects vehicles from excessive wear and tear, increasing the life spans of tires, brake pads and drums, for example.

Many insurance companies offer discounts to operations that deploy GPS tracking in fleet vehicles. With Solutions, driver safety features, theft protection and fuel economy tools all contribute to lowering risk and enhancing fleet operations and service.

Beyond notifying fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers instantly when safety is compromised, all driver behavior data is stored indefinitely by The records include date and time logs that can be used to prove or disprove cases when a driver’s actions are questioned.

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