Heavy Equipment


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Gain Ground on Construction Jobs FleetTrackGPS.com offers a full package of affordable, money-saving GPS tracking hardware+software solutions for:
  • Construction Fleet Vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Portable Assets and Trailers
Improve Project Finish Dates and Meet Budget Goals with Satellite Based:
  • Real-Time, 24/7 Heavy Equipment, Vehicle and Asset Tracking and Locate on Demand
  • Theft Protection via GeoFence Breach Alerts and Stolen Asset Tracking
  • Ignition and Power-Take-Off Alerts and Reports
  • Equipment, Vehicle and Fuel Usage Reports
  • Accurate Billing Records
  • Worksite Compliance Records
  • Fuel Consumption Reports
  • Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Alerts
Enable two-way communications between foremen and crew with FleetTrackGPS.com‘s tablet website, which is optimized for display on mobile tablets. Refine operations day-to-day with detailed reports and analytics.
Crew Management
  • Scheduling
  • Equipment Allocation
  • Worksite Compliance
  • Parking Landmarks
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Time Sheet Logging
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Offsite Asset Location
  • Ignition On-Off
  • Power Take-Off
  • Lengthy Idling
  • Engine Hours

  • Manage Cost Effectively.
  • Stay Ahead of Deadlines.
  • Cut Onsite Fuel Costs.
  • Optimize Budget Goals.
  • Protect Against Theft.
  • Get Insurance Discounts.
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