Fleet Management

Enhanced Fleet Management & GPS Tracking

Long Lasting Value – Immediate Returns FleetTrackGPS.com‘s Fleet Pro GPS tracking and fleet management solution is ideal for fleet managers looking to increase productivity, reduce overhead, and improve safety. Fleet Pro offers one of the most robust GPS equipment, asset and vehicle tracking platforms on the market.

Streamline, Monitor, Communicate, Save

Fleet Pro fleet management solutions are designed to help business and government fleet managers and dispatchers reduce costs, improve performance and streamline communications and operations.
  • Reliable CDMA/GSM cellular coverage helps managers track vehicles, equipment and teams in real time, all the time.
  • Route Optimization generates dramatic fuel savings and greater scheduling efficiency.
  • Driver Safety Alerts report in real-time seat-belt usage, speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking and hard turns.
  • Driver Tablet integration and iPhone and Android smartphone apps facilitate communications across all operational channels.
  • Hard-Wire and/or Plug-and-Play Devices work in any vehicle.
  • Unlimited Data Storage on the Cloud enables precise record-keeping and analytics reports.
  • Training, In-House Tech Support and Customer Service for Software and Hardware are on the house.
Fleet Pro features full-service, customizable fleet management software integrated with hardware matched to unique fleet requirements, cloud-based tracking and data management services, and free, unlimited training and technical support. Monitor vehicles, equipment and teams in real-time. Use actionable reports to decrease fuel expenses, improve arrival, delivery, and response times and organize operations efficiently.
Fleet Tracking
  • Nearest Driver to Location, Driver or Address
  • Google Maps with Traffic and Street View
  • GeoFences, Landmarks and Historical Trails
  • Send Drivers Directions and Stops for the Day
  • Map-Views of all Vehicles and Statuses
  • Over 25 Detailed Reports (Event by Event Driven)
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Miles, Time or Engine Hrs.
  • Ignition, Idle, Trip, & Mileage Reimbursement
  • Reports for Geofences & Landmarks
  • State Mileage Reporting with optional ProMiles

Driver Behavior
  • 2-way Messaging for Schedule Changes & Alerts
  • Analytics – Compare Driver Behavior Over Time
  • Alerts: Speeding, Idling, GeoFence Breaches, more.
  • Fuel Usage Report with Fuel Card Integration*
  • Locate Mobile Devices on Demand*
  • IFTA Compliant & GSA Approved.
  • Lower Fuel & Vehicle Maintenance Costs.
  • Increase Profits Through Service Calls & Payroll.
  • Reduce Risks for Driver Behavior & Fleet Safety.
  • Streamline Vehicle Usage Across Operations.
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Fleet Tracking Reports (25+ – not all shown)
  • Detailed Report (event by event)
  • Update interval options of every 5, 2, or 1 min.
  • Geofences and Landmarks
  • Idle
  • Ignition, Stop and Trip
  • PTO/Input
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Speeding and Posted Speed
  • State Mileage
  • Vehicle Maintenance: by engine hours, miles or days
  • Timesheet
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Usage*
  • Dispatch Work Order**
  • Export to CSV or PDF
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Google Maps with traffic and street view
  • Create geofences
  • Create and/or upload landmarks
  • Custom icons
  • Find nearest vehicle to address, unit or landmark
  • Historical breadcrumb trails with vehicle activity
  • Send directions to driver
  • Multiple vehicle trails**
Software Features
  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android
  • Driver Tablet Site
  • Unlimited Sub-Users
  • IFTA Tax reporting integration with ProMiles**
  • Vehicle Maintenance System and reminders
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Analytics*
  • EORB Certified Device**
  • Route Optimization*
  • Dispatching Interface**
  • Fuel Card Integration*
  • Locate Mobile Device*
Alert Options
  • Receive by text or email
  • Assign on individual basis or group
  • Geofence
  • Landmark Arrival
  • Idling
  • Low Battery
  • Main Power Disconnect
  • Off Hours
  • Speeding
  • Over Posted Speed Limit
  • Stop Time
  • Temperature
  • Antenna Disconnect