Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Tracking

for Backhoes, Bulldozers, Cranes, Excavators, Graders, Loaders, Pavers… More! Heavy equipment left at worksites is often unsupervised and vulnerable to theft. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, over 1000 pieces of equipment are stolen each month. The estimated annual cost of equipment theft lies between $300 million and $1 billion dollars. Protect valuable machines 24/7 with FleetTrackGPS.com‘s reliable heavy equipment tracking solutions.

Reliable Protection

Designed for long term use with an over-sized battery and a back-up battery, FleetTrackGPS.com heavy equipment solutions enable site managers to track and monitor assets in real-time in urban, rural and remote locations.

Automate Many Job Site Activities, Including:

  • Engine Hours Logging
  • Inventory Management & Control
  • Employee Job Site Arrivals / Departures
  • PTO Event Tracking, to Monitor Equipment Usage
Protect Equipment & Assets With:
  • On-Demand Vehicle & Equipment Location
  • 100% Satellite Coverage in Rural & Remote Areas
  • Notifications of when Vehicle Maintenance Items are Due or Past Due
  • Text Message and Email Alerts when Equipment Arrives/Leaves Job Sites
Map and Monitor
  • Nearest driver to location, driver or address
  • All devices and statuses
  • Customizable vehicle icons
  • Historical trails
  • GeoFences and Unlimited Landmarks
  • Google maps with traffic and street view
  • Import unlimited landmarks from CSV files
Detailed Reports
  • Detailed Event by Event
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Miles, Time or Engine Hrs
  • Landmarks
  • PTO/Input
  • Specific Units or Groups
  • Ignition In-Off
  • Fuel Usage
  • Data stored indefinitely for life of account

Active Alerts
  • Off Hours and Motion Sensor Alerts
  • Locate mobile devices on command*
  • GeoFence Breaches
  • Landmark Updates
  • Panic Button Alerts for Emergencies
  • Alerts for Low Battery and Stopped Reporting
  • Main Power Disconnect for Tampering
  • Easily find equipment across work sites
  • Prevent theft and misuse with real-time alerts
  • Be alerted of unit arrivals
  • Proof of drop offs
  • Maintain equipment life with maintenance alerts
  • Easily locate units and manage large inventories
  • Verify equipment use with PTO reports and alerts
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